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Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass or also known as turf is the eco-friendly grass alternative to having a traditional lawn. The reason synthetic grass is so popular is because it requires very low maintenance and your lawn will always look its best. People think artificial turf would look fake but technology has advance a lot in this area and has been made to feel and look like the real thing. Artificial grass is ideal for families that have very little time to upkeep their lawn but want the benefit of always having the best looking back yard or front yard in the neighborhood. Artificial grass is also good for people with pets as it does not absorb animal waste or other external elements. So while your neighbor battles to keep their lawn looking healthy your artificial grass will always look pristine and without any effort from you.

Artificial Grass Quality

Our artificial grass for residential lawns offers the finest state of the art features in synthetic grass, including UV  coating to protect your artificial turf investment from fading or discoloring. We specially design drainage holes to ensure water does not stay stagnant on the top of your artificial grass lawn.

Benefits of Artificial turf

Artificial grass never needs to be mowed, watered, fertilized and it will never need weeding. This will help you save time and your lawn will always look great. The appeal of great looking lawns with low maintenance is quickly becoming our customers favorite thing to install in their homes. Also if Seattle ever has another very dry summer where we have water shortages ¬†you don’t have to worry about your lawn dying. Since green living is so popular now a days artificial turf does not require the use of pesticides or other chemicals in order to keep it looking great. Contact us for a free consultation so that you can discover what artificial grass can do for your patio.

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