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Pool and Deck Paving

There are plenty of pool deck varieties although none that will withstand the test of time like paving stone pool decks. Not only do paving stones add elegance to your home pool deck but with multiple colors and designs you can create the perfect design to fit your needs. You will never see your pool deck in any of your neighbors houses as it will be as unique as you want it to be. Not only are paved pool decks an attractive addition to your home but they will give you years of low maintenance and will also increase the value of your home. Another thing is that paving stones are naturally non-slip which will give you and your guest extra safety when playing marco polo around the pool.

Advantages of Paving Stones for Your Pool Deck

Paving stones are made of dense materials that help resist staining. Paving stones also work remarkably well at resisting the growth of mildew and algae. The natural non-skid surface of paving stones also provide an extra safety measure to homeowners by decreasing the chance of slip and fall accidents. Paving stones work well at withstanding the constant presence of chlorinated or salt water and the constant foot traffic your pool deck will receive over the years.

One of the best advantages of having a pool deck paved is that you will not have to deal with standing pool water as we can install drainage underneath to direct water of your paved deck. No matter if you are looking for something basic, artistic or complex NW Patio Design can design and create your dream pool deck.

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